Welcome to sneakyMusic. We are dedicated to the production and distribution of the highest quality soundtrack music for commercial and non-commercial use. You pay only if the project in which you use our music makes money. If your project does not derive revenue, our music is FREE.

      Thus, if you are a film student, budding filmmaker, someone who wants to spice up his or her home movie, or anyone needing original music for any non-commercial purpose, we encourage you to use our music at NO CHARGE.

      If you are a professional involved in the production of movies, television, radio, commercials, video games, or corporate videos, we offer our original music for a small licensing fee based on a unique sliding scale agreement.

     You can preview our entire current library on this website and download individual tracks in mp3 format or order compact discs containing .wav files or digital audio.

      sneakyMusic intends to be a leader as the Internet becomes our main method of enjoying and creating movies, television, and music.

      We are continually updating and expanding our music catalog; so please visit us regularly.

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